Mount Pilatus

Luzern - Switzerland

In 2015 it was 125 years ago that a legendary era began on Mount Pilatus. Shortly after the first carriages of the steepest rack railway in the world climbed to the top of the mountain, the Hotel Pilatus-Kulm opened its doors. Today, Mount Pilatus has become an essential landmark of Central Switzerland’s tourism industry. To celebrate the mountain’s anniversary, the mountain railways and hotel operators came up with something extraordinary: a spectacular projection show on the rugged rock formation of Pilatusspitze. From September 12th to September 19th, 2015, visitors experienced a stunning visual display that transformed the mountain into a big screen for a once-in-a-lifetime projection spectacle.


In collaboration with renowned Viennese artist Teresa Mar, Pronorm was responsible for the breathtaking light projection that illuminated the mountain. Twenty unique motifs cast the mountain in a completely new light, and visitors raved about the spectacular show. “You’ve never seen your mountain like this before,” Pilatus-Bahnen wrote about the event.



Artist: Teresa mar

12-08 till 19-08 2015

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