Vincent meets Rembrandt

Amsterdam - The Netherlands

in vincent meets rembrandt: the untold story, spectators will learn how vincent van gogh became fascinated by rembrandt as early as his amsterdam period and how the great master’s paintings, etchings, and views served as inspiration for his work, all while viewing an ever-changing 360-degree canvas on the centuries-old interior walls of the noorderkerk in amsterdam.

with 38 projectors, 6 media servers, 7 video matrices, 12 speakers and 5 subs, we provide the optimal experience during this immersive journey around the intertwining of the two greatest dutch artists of all time.

the video content that can be seen during the experience is created by mp studios. the overall story is amplified by the music is by maarten van den bosch.


vincent meets rembrandt

music: maarten van den bosch –  twotrees

yearly from april till oktober 2021 t/m 2025

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