Vincent meets Rembrandt

Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Experience the untold story of how Vincent van Gogh drew inspiration from the great master Rembrandt, starting as early as his Amsterdam period, with our innovative long-term project “Vincent Meets Rembrandt”. Witness an ever-changing 360-degree canvas on the centuries-old interior walls of Amsterdam’s Noorderkerk while learning about the intertwining of two of the greatest Dutch artists of all time.

Our immersive journey is made possible by 38 high-quality projectors, 6 cutting-edge media servers, 7 advanced video matrices, 12 premium speakers, and 5 subwoofers. We ensure that you get the optimal experience as you explore the fascinating world of these two iconic artists.

The video content for this project is exclusively created by MP Studios, and the music by Maarten van den Bosch is specially curated to amplify the overall story.

Discover the mesmerizing story of Vincent Meets Rembrandt, and let us transport you to a world of creativity and inspiration that will leave you in awe. 


Vincent meets Rembrandt

Music: Maarten van den Bosch –  TwoTrees

Yearly from April till October 2021 t/m 2025

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