Glow 2023

Eindhoven - The Netherlands

Dive into the rhythm of The Beat, an elemental force that defines life in an undefinable, indispensable way. It orchestrates the city’s pulse, directing the dynamic flow between its inhabitants and shaping their shared experiences.

This year, GLOW is inspired by The Beat, setting the stage for a three-part light art trilogy. In 2024, The Stream, and in 2025, the grand celebration of GLOW’s 20th anniversary, The Light, will follow. Together, they create a mesmerizing lamp that pulsates, lets light flow, and ultimately connects everyone, everywhere.

In ‘The Beat,’ we journey back to the source, connecting light with the fundamental patterns that give color to Eindhoven’s existence. Exploring diverse manifestations of The Beat, from pulsating and rhythmic to resonant and three-dimensional, our artists have crafted a magical festival that captivates and inspires.

This edition marks a step towards innovation and sustainability, as we explore new techniques and technologies in sustainability, resource usage, energy, and the role of light in society. GLOW’s vision – light art for everyone – is unique, bringing together individuals, businesses, educational institutions, newcomers, and locals as creators, facilitators, or participants.

Eindhoven, from its grand squares to narrow alleys, pulsates with The Beat everywhere. Pronorm was proud to have contributed to setting up many of the projects this year, making this festival a vibrant success!

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