Bad Rothenfeld - Germany

Bad Rothenfelde is known for its projective biennial “lichtsicht”, which offers a unique outdoor gallery experience. The organizers have successfully combined historical backgrounds with digital media to exceed all known dimensions of multimedia art. Despite the cold autumn and winter evenings, visitors have flocked to this small town in the Osnabrück region to witness almost 50 high-tech projectors illuminating the Gradierwerke, which are almost 500 meters long and up to 13 meters high. The Gradierwerke, once used for salt production, now serves as a playground for modern art since 2007. The artists featured in the biennial are true to the scale of the space available to them and focus on global themes. For example, “AES+F” depicts a diverse crowd of people, including veiled women, model beauties, proud men of Arab origin, and young people and children from Western countries. However, the presentation of these images along the 312-meter-long wall exposes the apparent uniqueness as mere stereotypes, and the perceived diversity is reduced to the triviality of a decadent society in its final days. Various artists from Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, Japan, Russia, and South Korea showcase a diverse collection of works that ranges from social criticism to a pure exploration of the possibilities of the medium. Pronorm also contributed to the event by assisting artist Sigrid Sandmann, who covered the projection surface with keywords related to salt for the third projection of the biennial on the old graduation tower, which is a 100-meter-long wall. Bad Rothenfelde is an idyllic spa town that has managed to offer a unique multimedia experience that attracts a large number of visitors.

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