De helmondse musical – 2014

Helmond - The Netherlands

In 2014, Helmond was set aglow by the dazzling spectacle of “Berry, de musical.” This remarkable production from ‘De Helmondse Musical’ aimed to unfold the captivating life story of the iconic PSV cult hero, Berry van Aerle. It was a theatrical masterpiece that resonated deeply with all who had the privilege of witnessing it.

Berry van Aerle’s life journey, from being a professional footballer to a postman and even Prins Carnaval, was brought to life on stage. Eleven times, the Theater Het Speelhuis in Helmond was packed to the brim with spectators, all eager to delve into the life of this local legend.

Pronorm had the privilege of being a part of this remarkable musical journey. We were entrusted with handling the lighting and projections that added depth and magic to the production, ensuring that Berry van Aerle’s story shone brightly on the stage.

“Berry, de musical” was more than just a theatrical production; it was a celebration of a local hero’s life, filled with humor, humility, and a touch of magic. A story that resonated with Helmond and beyond, thanks to the power of theater, storytelling, and the technical expertise provided by Pronorm.

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