Kolding Light Festival – 2015

Kolding - Denmark

Experience the Magic of Kolding Light Festival 2015 – A Breathtaking Display of Art, Technology, and Innovation!


Kolding Light Festival 2015 was a spectacular event that illuminated the city of Kolding with an array of innovative lighting installations, capturing the imagination of visitors from all over the world. Held on the first weekend of December, the festival offered a truly immersive experience that transformed the urban landscape in new and exciting ways.


From mesmerizing video lighting to interactive exhibits, the festival showcased the creative use of light and sound, bringing together the beauty of art, culture, and technology in a stunning display. Visitors were left in awe of the festival’s beauty and inspired by the unique blend of tradition and modernity.


The 2015 Kolding Light Festival attracted large crowds of visitors, establishing itself as a must-see event for anyone interested in innovation and creativity. The festival’s success continues to draw crowds of visitors each year, offering a truly unforgettable experience that showcases the spirit of Kolding.

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