Jerusalem Light Festival – 2019

Jerusalem - Israel

The Festival of Lights in Jerusalem is a magical event that locals and tourists look forward to each year. In 2019, over 250,000 visitors flocked to the Old City between June 26 and July 4 to experience the amazing attractions and exhibitions for free.


This year’s festival featured the work of talented light artists from Israel and around the world who displayed their incredible 3D light exhibits, artistic sculptures, and massive light stars. Visitors were wowed by the impressive video mapping projections on the buildings and walls of the Old City.


The festival’s picturesque lanes, unique settings, and central roads provided the perfect backdrop for the outdoor and on-stage performances, light, and sound shows. The festival also offered a unique “light trail” experience that led visitors on a route between the various light installations, as well as an exhibition of light body designers and colorful outdoor performances.


Don’t miss out on the next Festival of Lights in Jerusalem, where the city transforms into something truly magnificent.

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