Al Baharat Square

Doha - Qatar

In 2018, Pronorm BV created a permanent installation in Doha, Qatar. As the Middle East’s largest covered open-air plaza, the square is the beating heart of Msheireb Downtown Doha, the world’s smartest and most sustainable fully built city district, and the go-to venue for national celebrations and public and private events.

The project kicked off in 2017 with a meticulous design process that culminated in a breathtaking display across six facades, featuring 32 SGM G-Spots and 64 SGM P-5 fixtures. Control of these fixtures is seamlessly executed through two high-end systems Rack Hogs and a Road Hog 4, ensuring impeccable performance for live events. With ETC network switches, all fixtures can be read and controlled, enabling maximum flexibility and customization.

Overcoming the challenge of large distances between facades and control rooms, Pronorm BV utilized fiber optics for all network traffic, ensuring a flawless and seamless experience. The installation is a true testament to the skilled craftsmen and engineers behind Pronorm BV, and is a truly remarkable experience that can be tailored to a wide range of events and celebrations.

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