Festival Lausanne Lumières – 2020

Lausanne - Switzerland

In 2020, the Lausanne Lumières Festival returned with a 100% projection edition that could be admired for an entire month through the streets of Vaud’s capital.

More than 40 works created exclusively for the Festival by 30 artists had been projected on 8 iconic buildings in Lausanne. Each evening, the city’s most beautiful facades were covered with flamboyant and dynamic illuminations.

For the Festival Lumières 2020, Pronorm collaborated on 7 projects, including 6 digital mappings and 1 large PANI project. Thus, the Pani projection could be admired on ‘Palais de Rumine’, and the mappings on were shown on the ‘B. Constant’ and ‘Tour Bel-Air’.



Festival Lausanne Lumières

24-11-2020 t/m 24-12-2020

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