100 years of Disney

Toruń - Poland

In a world where dreams and imagination intertwine, Pronorm proudly returns to the spotlight, this time at the enchanting Bella Skyway Festival. Our latest endeavor transcends reality and takes flight into the realm of fantasy, as we collaborate with none other than Disney to celebrate 100 years of enchantment and the art of making dreams come alive.


As the sun sets and the stars start to twinkle, we cast our magical touch upon iconic buildings, transforming them into canvases for a mesmerizing video mapping show. The fusion of Disney’s timeless magic and our cutting-edge technology creates an ethereal experience that speaks to the dreamer in all of us.


In the heart of the spectacle stands the monumental architecture of our chosen canvas. With awe-inspiring precision, our team harnessed the power of light to turn grand structures into enchanting storybooks. The large building, a true symbol of the festival’s magic, stood tall under the spell of 7x 18k projectors. Each beam of light danced in harmony to tell Disney’s narrative of a century of enchantment, evoking smiles and nostalgia among all who beheld it.


But the magic didn’t stop there. The smaller building, no less significant in its charm, was graced with the touch of 4x 21k projectors. Every pixel, every hue, was a brushstroke in the masterpiece that came to life before the eyes of the crowd.


The synergy between Pronorm’s technical expertise and Disney’s artistic legacy forged an unforgettable experience. The collaboration with OCUBO, a true visionary in the realm of light and art, was instrumental in bringing this dream to fruition. It’s in these moments of collaborative brilliance that true magic is born.

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