Leipzig - Germany

As part of the “Leipzig Freedom” campaign, Leipzig marketing wanted to cast a mesmerizing light on the iconic skyscraper at Augustusplatz. Pronorm stood ready to turn this projection into reality, offering a fresh perspective on Leipzig’s historical treasures.

The Augustusplatz Skyscraper in a New Light

The sleek outline of the skyscraper served as a colossal canvas upon which Leipzig’s rich history was brought to life. Pronorm played a pivotal role in animating these visual narratives. The projection mirrored Leipzig’s reputation as a cultural and musical hub, showcasing motifs like “Bach” and “Organ.” Depicting the new trade fair and the stylized columns of the Nicolai Church, it underscored Leipzig’s legacy as the world’s oldest trading center. The “Peaceful Revolution” was eloquently symbolized through images of the Nicolaikirche, where the Monday prayers ignited the DDR’s transformative movement.

Pioneers in Light and Heritage

Breathing life into this projection was a challenge Pronorm embraced wholeheartedly. It began with in-depth research into Leipzig’s history and identity. Pronorm’s creative team translated this rich backdrop into a visual spectacle projected onto the skyscraper. With state-of-the-art technology and artistic finesse, Pronorm crafted a stunning projection that breathed life into Leipzig’s storied past. The subtlety of light and motion captured the essence of the city, delivering it in a spectacular way to passersby and residents alike.

A Surprising Tale of Light and Shadows

The collaboration between Pronorm and the Augustusplatz skyscraper unveiled Leipzig’s multifaceted history in a distinctive visual form. The “Leipzig Freedom” campaign, though rooted in the noble theme of a peaceful revolution, was not without its controversies. The selective approach to certain historical events, such as the involvement of a former athletics coach in the DDR’s doping regime, sparked discussions. The projection and ensuing conversations served as a reminder that history is layered, offering varying perspectives. Pronorm’s role in this endeavor highlights how light, heritage, and technology can converge to tell stories and share insights.

A Radiant Legacy

The projection on the Augustusplatz skyscraper stands as a testament to light and art, magnificently illuminating Leipzig’s history. Pronorm’s involvement and expertise contributed to a visual experience that inspired both residents and visitors. This project reminds us that art and technology have the power to encapsulate the past and present it to today’s world. The projection on the Augustusplatz skyscraper remains a sparkling testament to this timeless partnership between art and technology.

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