Glow – 2017

Eindhoven - The Netherlands

In 2017, Glow, Eindhoven’s much-awaited annual light festival is back for its twelfth edition, and this time it’s all about “The Source”. The festival revolves around the theme of light sources, paying homage to Eindhoven’s rich history as the birthplace of the match and lightbulb factories in the 19th century.

Pronorm BV, a long-time supplier of AV materials, has been an integral part of the festival for years. This year, their impressive projects include the mesmerizing “Light over Matter” video mapping for artist Har Hollands on Hooghuis, the enchanting “Floating Countries” children’s project, the immersive “Submerged” installation around the Dommel and the Van Abbemuseum, the evocative “Story of Light” at Villa Laaken, and a grand “Windows” Pani project at Catharinakerk, designed by artist Daniel Margraf and executed by Pronorm BV.  “Windows”.

GLOW Eindhoven

11-11-2017 t/m 18-11-2017

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