Glow – 2014

Eindhoven - The Netherlands

Experience the magic of light and sound at Glow Eindhoven, a spectacular light festival that illuminates the city every year. As the preferred supplier of technical facilities for the entire festival, Pronorm has been a part of this event for many years, providing large-screen projections with stunning light and sound effects. In 2014, Pronorm was involved in over 17 projects, providing complete technical installations for all the art installations.

With the theme ‘City in Motion’, the four-kilometre-long light walking route takes you through the heart of Eindhoven, with twenty light artists transforming the city into a dazzling display of light and color. Pronorm’s highlights included the magnificent artworks near the Augustijnenkerk, the Catharinakerk, and on the Parklaan. Collaborating with a network of artists and design agencies, Pronorm realized the entire large-screen projection and video mapping with Pani projectors, as well as the lighting and sound.

In 2014, Glow attracted a record 650,000 visitors, making it a must-see event for everyone. 


GLOW Eindhoven

08-11-2014 t/m 15-11-2014

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