Festival of Lights Berlin – 2020

Berlin - Germany

Every year, Berlin hosts the Festival of Lights. At the Festival of Lights Berlin 2020, not only were various things new but also a little different. The motto for this special format was “Together we shine.” The Festival of Lights 2020 included over 90 dazzling works of art at 86 places across Berlin, covering an area of almost 168 square kilometers.

Pronorm BV has been a regular supplier of AV equipment and responsible for various light art projects and mappings for numerous years, so also in 2020. 

With 32 projects, including 3 digital mappings and 29 PANI projects, Pronorm left its mark. This year, among other projects, the Pani projects on the Dom, Bebelplatz, and Nikolayviertel received a lot of attention.

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