Festival of Lights Berlin – 2020

Berlin - Germany

Berlin is renowned for its annual Festival of Lights, which showcases the city’s architectural and cultural heritage through stunning light art installations. In 2020, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the festival went ahead with a new format and the theme “Together We Shine.” This special edition featured over 90 incredible works of art spread across 86 locations in Berlin, covering an area of almost 168 square kilometers.

As a trusted supplier of AV equipment and an experienced collaborator in the festival, Pronorm BV was once again responsible for a range of impressive light art projects and mappings in 2020. With 32 projects in total, including 3 digital mappings and 29 Pani projects, Pronorm truly made its mark. Notably, the Pani projects on the Dom, Bebelplatz, and Nikolayviertel received significant attention and acclaim.

At Pronorm, we are proud to have been a part of this special edition of the Festival of Lights, which brought joy and wonder to people during a challenging year. Our team worked tirelessly to create awe-inspiring installations that showcased the beauty and diversity of Berlin. With our cutting-edge AV equipment and expertise in light art, we helped bring the festival’s theme of togetherness to life, shining a light of hope and optimism during a time when it was needed most.

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