De Helmondse Musical – 2022

Helmond - The Netherlands

De helmondse musical has been a household name in helmond for countless of  years. the original “hotspot” production of 2020 was halted due to corona, and a plan for a corona-proof performance soon emerged. as a result, the helmond musical academy launched the project “er liep een leeuw door de stad…”. with a smaller company, no brass in the orchestra, a smaller audience, and no intermission, this musical could be played completely corona-proof.

the story is loosely based in helmond, where the escaped lion of karel stevens, the butcher’s son in kerkstraat, made a commotion. the 10 primarily young and ambitious performers  narrate the story of the last two corona years via analogies and wonderful musical pieces.

pronorm is the permanent technical partner of De Helmondse Musical and contributed to the lighting design (jasper claessens) and set (bart van bokhoven) during this musical. light is leading in this performance along with the simple but very effective set design. More than 160 fixtures, with over 30 of which are fully pixel-controlled, make this set exceedingly versatile


De Helmondse muscial
14-07-2022 – 24-07-2022

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