About Freedom – Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen

Nijmegen - The Netherlands

As part of the celebration of 75 years of freedom in the Netherlands, Aardse and Kempkes were interested in how people experience freedom in today’s modern and free society. They asked residents of Nijmegen about their feelings and experiences of freedom. The Nijmegen ideas about freedom were projected onto the wall of the Stadsschouwburg, facing the Nassausingel, with the text changing frequently, from December 7 to December 21, 2019. For some, freedom meant “doing what I want,” while others felt free when “everyone is happy.” A teenager complained about a parent who limited their freedom, and someone with an old-fashioned handwriting wrote: “I am almost daily aware of freedom.” The projection featured handwritten texts and images about freedom, based on conversations with residents of Nijmegen of all ages. Visitors could add their own notes until December 21.

Pronorm contributed their expertise and used PANI 15 slides, 18x18cm, and videomapping technology to bring the artwork to life.

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