Kasteel van Katoen

Helmond - The Netherlands

Theatre, music, song, dance, play for everyone!

The dr. Knippenberg College has been performing musical productions for thirty years. With success: the performances impress every year and there are even pupils who choose the school, especially for this special activity! Similarly in 2016, in which the Dr.Knippenberg college came up with their most successful musical to date, Kasteel van Katoen.

Every student can participate in the musical, without exception. They ensure that students are trained and get a role in the orchestra, on stage or behind the scenes. Every Friday afternoon they practice under the guidance of a professional director, dance teacher, singing teacher and conductor. As a close-knit team, we work with all students and supervisors towards a beautiful musical that has been performed about four times, in Het Speelhuis for several years. 

The Speelhuis in Helmond had been sold out five times for a story about the textile company Vlisco, complete with catchy songs and music to entertain the audience. During het kasteel van Katoen, Pronorm provided projections and lighting.


june 2016

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