Glow – 2022

Eindhoven- The Netherlands

The magnificence of GLOW 2022 resonated with an electrifying energy! Its nostalgic charm and vibrant ambiance harkened back to the pre-pandemic era, underscoring the enduring relevance and captivation of this esteemed light festival. GLOW possesses a remarkable prowess for unifying the city of Eindhoven, its residents, and its visitors, solidifying its ambitious pursuit to rank among the world’s top 3 light festivals. The resounding applause from attendees, press, and international curators echoes the festival’s resounding success.

At Pronorm, we take immense pride in our extensive contributions to various remarkable projects showcased during this year’s festivities. Allow us to illuminate a few of these extraordinary endeavors:

Museum Monsters at the Van Abbemuseum: In collaboration with the visionary artist Hugo Vrijdag, we breathed life into Museum Monsters. This awe-inspiring exhibition provided a platform for primary and first-year secondary school children to showcase their own creative masterpieces, triumphantly taking over the Van Abbemuseum. The collective artwork seamlessly transformed the museum, both its interior and exterior, birthing a mesmerizing and vibrant experience that left visitors enchanted.

A Different Point of View: Envision the spectacle of sixteen meticulously arranged DAF trucks forming a captivating circle within the Praxis parking lot. This groundbreaking performance transmuted the space into an enthralling truck theater. Stepping inside the circle placed participants at the very heart of the performance, immersing them in its awe-inspiring narrative, while those outside were left tantalizingly suspended in anticipation. It was an unprecedented perspective that redefined the boundaries of artistic expression.

These projects represent just a fraction of our involvement at GLOW 2022, which also included the mesmerizing “A LIFETIME OF HANDS” by the exceptionally talented Toos Nijssen, along with numerous other awe-inspiring installations that evoked profound joy and wonder.

We are deeply grateful for the privilege of contributing to this phenomenal festival, where we continuously push the boundaries of innovation and transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary realms of light and art.

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