De Helmondse Musical – 2023

Helmond - The Netherlands

For countless years, De Helmondse Musical has been a household name in Helmond, captivating audiences with their exceptional musical productions. Transporting us to the ’50s of this century and projecting 30 years into the future, the musical ‘Hotspot’ offers a glimpse into what life might be like in Helmond in 2050. Will it maintain its status as the hub of automotive and gastronomy? Will Helmond Sport compete in the Eredivisie? Does EllyBlanksmaplein exist, and has the House for the City seen its zenith? Helmond has evolved into a bustling hotspot, with Hotel West-End undergoing significant expansion, including the addition of a rooftop pool. It now attracts guests from diverse corners of the globe, and Helmonders who once ventured away are returning to their roots.

The 500,000th Lightyear car gracefully emerges from the assembly line. Questions arise about the company’s fate—will it fall into foreign hands? Meanwhile, a mysterious oil tycoon is frequently spotted near De Braak stadium, leaving the audience to speculate. Intrigues unfold in the parking garage beneath the House for the City. Is Helmond facing annexation, or is it boldly annexing Eindhoven? And does the Helmond Experience Tour live up to its promise of enjoyment? Furthermore, whispers circulate about the potential demolition of the iconic pole houses.

The set of the musical is not a mere backdrop; it’s a dynamic portal transporting you directly to 2050. The interplay of perfect lighting and projections lays the foundation for a visual spectacle, transforming the set into a living canvas. Pronorm proudly contributed to bringing this captivating production depicting Helmond in 2050 to the stage. Our team invested their creativity in crafting a spellbinding decor, captivating lighting, and entrancing sound. 

“Hotspot” was brought to life by De Helmondse Musical and Pronorm’s expert technical team. Pictures are made by Dave van Hout Photography

De Helmondse muscial
26-12-2023 – 07-01-2024

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