De Helmondse musical – 2016

Helmond - The Netherlands

De Helmondse Musical struck gold again in 2016 with their latest production “Verhaal van de K’naal”, a captivating sequel to ‘Berry, De Musical’. This time, the spotlight was on the lives of Helmonders on both sides of the iconic K’naal. The story unfolds as the daily peace in heaven is disturbed by the unexpected arrival of a bridge keeper from Helmond, revealing the growing differences between the two sides of the canal.

Pronorm was once again proud to have contributed to the success of this musical with their innovative decor. The clever set design featured several levels, including a real moat, that created a visually stunning backdrop for the performance. Thanks to the placement of beams throughout the set, the lighting was able to beautifully highlight each scene, giving the whole production a heavenly look and feel when required.


De Helmondse Musical
26-12-2016 – 08-01-2017

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