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Mansveld Expotech and Pronorm Join Forces

9 juli 2013
Press Release
Mansveld Expotech and Pronorm join forces
Eindhoven, 3 July 2013
Merge offers innovative experience concepts Mansveld Expotech and Pronorm have officially signed this week to formally bundle their forces. The parties have been in consultation concerning a possible collaboration since the beginning of the year and from now on, Pronorm is 100% part of Mansveld Expotech. Pronorm operates as an independent organisation with its own brand name and own branches in Helmond and Breda. The two founders, Bart van Bokhoven and Rob Roosen, will stay on at the company.
Urban Experiences
Pronorm is a frontrunner in the area of urban experiences; solutions that ensure people really have something to experience and that they feel more comfortable and safer in an urban setting. These projects are mostly initiated from the marketing, design, sport, art and culture sectors. Technological innovations make virtually any idea or concept achievable.
The basis of these experiences is usually extremely large projections (often onto the face of large buildings). This is augmented by (LED) lighting, sound and interactive applications, making it possible for individuals to influence public space, such as via an app on their mobile phone.
One example is the light festival GLOW in Eindhoven, for which Pronorm and Mansveld Expotech have realised a number of projects over the years.
Exclusive partner of Pani
The large screen projections are realised using projectors from Pani, who is renowned globally for their high-quality big screen projection systems. Pronorm is the exclusive partner of Pani in Western Europe. From their Breda location, projects are implemented throughout Europe. Besides using Pani projectors for art and cultural projects, they are also utilized for commercial purposes and at various sporting and corporate events.
Pronorm and Mansveld Expotech also have solutions to improve public safety; technology that allows large groups of people to safely move during different types of events.
Customers profit from synergy
"Together, we are better able to serve our customers," says Richard Kluijtmans, Director of Mansveld Expotech. "The expertise, experience and rental assortments compliment each other, allowing us to offer our customers a complete package from one responsible source."
Bart van Bokhoven adds: "By merging Mansveld Expotech and Pronorm, we are capable of professionalising even further so that we are even better able to exceed our customers' expectations."
Mansveld Groep B.V.
Mansveld Groep B.V. is an innovative company specialising in temporary and permanent projects in the fields of electrical engineering, light, images and sound, rigging, safety & security, communication technology, system integration and sustainability. Based in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Maastricht, and now also in Helmond and Breda, we work on finding innovative solutions for our Dutch and international customers. Mansveld Expotech is a subdivision of the Mansveld Groep B.V. operating in the Live Communication market.
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